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BlackWomanTeacher is a feminist-informed blog. It employs a definition of feminism “as that critical perspective on social and political life that draws our attention to the ways in which social, political, and economic norms, practices, and structures create injustices that are experienced differently or uniquely by certain groups of women” (Ackerly & True, 2010, 1).

This blog will explore the dynamics of education policy through an intersectional perspective of race, gender, and class. Deliberately paying attention to the power of knowledge; boundaries, marginalization, silences, and intersections; relationships and their power differentials; and my own sociopolitical location (or “situatedness”), BlackWomanTeacher has a goal of going beyond explaining education policy to actually transforming it.

Ackerly, B., & True, J. (2010). Doing feminist research in political and social science. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


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